susanfinal1Susan Cannata – Founder

After 20 years in business administration in the financial industry, Susan took an early retirement. While retiring young initially seemed like living the dream, she eventually became restless and wanted a new career – but in a field where she felt she could serve her community. She chose nursing and went back to school at age 47 to become a Licensed Practical Nurse.
After two years in skilled nursing, an opportunity to work in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy became available. Having already experienced firsthand the benefits of BHRT, Susan jumped at the chance and has never looked back.
“While working with patients in advanced stages of various diseases has its own rewards, as a nurse and a member of society, I wanted to do more. I fully believe BHRT is cutting edge medicine and is quickly becoming the next big thing in wellness care.”
“Although BHRT continues to be hotly debated by traditional medicine in the U.S., it is widely accepted in European countries as the preferred method of hormone replacement. There are numerous research papers and clinical studies showing the benefits of BHRT and considerably more to come. But a picture is still worth a thousand words and I see the results every day. I can think of no career more rewarding than this.”

Susan Cannata

Center Director

charlie1 Charlie Cannata – Co Founder and Research Analyst (Formerly Dir. of Med. Ops.) 

Educated at the University of Vermont, Charlie graduated in 1975 and passed the nursing boards for his RN (Registered Professional Nurse) in that same year.  His career started at the Medical Center Hospital of Vermont in med-surg.  He received advanced training in coronary care and respiratory disease and practiced in both the CCU and RCU.   Charlie also had experience in the ICU environment.

In 1980 he received his certification as an EMT and practiced for over a decade in emergency medicine, utilizing both his RN and EMT.  Living near one of the Great Lakes, Charlie obtained his NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) Rescue Diver Certification in 1982.  He continued in emergency field medicine for nearly 15 years.

Charlie has held supervisory positions in nursing as Director of Nursing in extended care and supervising a staff of 100 consisting of RNs, LPNs, CMA’s and clerks for state government caring for over 2500 male, female and juvenile patients.

His entry into hormone replacement came after his own personal experience with hormone loss (you can read his story under the tab “Our Story”).  Charlie has spent the past 5 years engrossed in research and literature on hormones and bio natural hormone replacement therapy.

Charlie has said, “I have a deep passion for what we do at Bella Vita and know firsthand the positive changes that such treatment can make in a person’s life.  It certainly did in my case.”

In addition, he says, “I am driven to carrying the message that hormone loss need not mean the loss of self.  I nearly lost my marriage and my enthusiasm for life all together.  Today, as I look back, I feel truly blessed that I was able to remedy my condition and now I want others who are experiencing the same pain from hormone loss to know there is an answer.”

In 2012 Charlie received his State of Tennessee license in Radiography for Bone Densitometry.  He hopes to one day publish research data on hormone replacement and its impact on restoring bone mineral density.

courtneyfinalCourtney Gott

Hello! Hello!  Welcome and thank you for taking your time to get to know me.  I began to actively pursue a career in Natural Hormone Therapy nearly two years ago, after personally witnessing my parents go from separate homes, to second honeymoons.  Hormone Replacement Therapy had changed my life before I even started treatment.

At Bella Vita Medical, it’s not only our product, but our infallible customer service that sets us apart.  Patient care isn’t what  we do here; it’s why  we’re here.  I contact every patient throughout their entire journey with us, and with each check up, there is more hope.  Before they know it, a year has passed and our conversations have evolved from symptoms and despair, to how they are finally enjoying the life they have so longed for.  I look to each day for the possibility that today, another life has changed.

I am so fortunate to be a part of this company and I am overjoyed to get to be a part of your Bella Vita Experience!

I’ll be talking with you soon,

Courtney Gott

Office Manager