Testosterone and Prostate Cancer

Many men hear the concern about testosterone and prostate cancer.  That conclusion comes from a study conducted in 1941 by Doctor Charles Huggins.  One Harvard doctor, Abraham Morgentaler, now Associate Professor of Urology at Harvard Medical School  has spent the last 20 years putting this theory to the test.  When he went back to the original…

Estradiol Levels and Aging Men

This article speaks to estradiol levels in men.  There were 501 men in this study, all of which had CHF (chronic heart failure).  The results were reported in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association).  The study found that levels between 20-30 pg/ml seemed to be best.  PDF

Androgen Insufficiency in Women

A 2006 study by Glenn Braunstein and Cedars-Sinai speaks to a disorder called Hypo-Sexual-Desire-Disorder or HSDD; the most common form of female sexual dysfunction.  The study reports on treatment using physiologic to supraphysiologic levels of testosterone for patients who suffer with this diagnosis. PDF

Bioidentical Hormones: Why Are They Still Controversial?

Published in October 2009, this LifeExtension Report asks the question, “Why are bioidentical hormones still controversial?”  This is an in-depth report on the debate between the use of bioidentical hormones versus their synthetic counterparts.  The debate within the debate is the use of estriol versus estradiol in the treatment of estrogen deficiency.  Some believe estriol…

Advanced Breast Cancer on the Rise in Younger Women

In a study just released, Rebecca H. Johnson, M.D. (Seattle Washington – Oncologist) discovers a disturbing rise in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer in younger women (age 25 to 39).  The findings were published in JAMA.  The E3N French Cohort Study (also on our Research page) shows that natural progesterone may be cancer protective.  I…