“Hormone therapy has made a big difference.  I’d hate to think I had to go back to dealing with hot flashes” – Debbie.

“I have less aches and pains, more energy.” – Kerry

“I feel much better since starting my hormone therapy.  I no longer take medication for depression, anxiety or fibromyalgia.” –  Norrie.

“This treatment has radically improved my life.  More intimacy with my husband that was impossible before, more energy and better sleep.  I am totally pleased with the results and have had zero bad side effects.” –  Judy.

“Have been a patient for almost 8 years. Before I used to come home from work and fall asleep on the couch. Now I have lots of energy to enjoy my after work life.” – John

“I had severe hot flashes and sleeplessness.  Both are gone” – Kay.

“A significant, positive change in mental and physical well being and energy.” – Matt

“I am s/p breast cancer [s/p means ‘status post’….a prior condition of] with no hope of getting hormone replacement for 8 very long years before coming here.  This has transformed my life from ‘the night of the walking dead’ to living again.  I had also had both ovaries removed prior to breast cancer surgery – so I had nothing.  I now have my life back and can participate.  I’ve lost 18 pounds.  I sleep at night and I have a life worth living again.”  – Carolyn.

“I’m 55 and I feel great! Even better than I did at 45.” – Kevin

“Feeling much better.  Very thankful for the care I’ve been given.  It has changed my life.” – Alicia.

“I’ve been coming 10 years and I feel better now in my 40’s than I ever did in my 30’s!” – Mark

“Hormone replacement has not just changed my life – it has given me my life back.  Forced to have a hysterectomy at a young age after giving birth I was thrown into menopause and my world was flipped upside down.  After several years of struggling, HRT gave me my life back and for that I am truly grateful.” – Rhonda.

“Had no energy or ambition. I was 60 lbs. overweight with high blood pressure. Always tired and irritable. My wife couldn’t stand me! Now I have great energy, low blood pressure, and back to weighing what I did in my 30’s. I couldn’t be happier with my treatment. My wife wouldn’t let me quit even if I wanted to!” – Charles

“I was suffering with joint and back pain – no/low libido and impossible vaginal dryness.  I could not stand to be touched internally by my husband.  I could never reach orgasm even through self-stimulation.  I have experienced relief from all of these symptoms and increased energy.” – Cynthia.

“I have PTSD.  Meditation and HRT have improved my symptoms 100%.  Fewer mood swings and no rage at all” – Danny.

“I feel better” – Hazel.

“Before Bella Vita I would fall asleep in my recliner most nights. I was only 45 and I felt like I was 85. I have been on therapy 7 years now and I’ll never go without it!” – Kevin

“I am a whole new person since beginning treatment.  Migraines ended.  No night sweats.  No hot flashes.  No joint pain.  Energy up.  Depression/anxiety down.  And the list of positives go on and on.” – Grace.

“I feel great! No problems.” – June.

“It gives me more energy so that I feel like I have a life again.” – Teresa.

“I am not as tired or moody. [I] sleep better.  I have a better outlook on life.  Depression is gone.  [I] can accept changes and stress better.  Family is happier because I am.  I can control weight better.  Have lost [weight]!!  No more night sweats.  I love the way I feel now!  Look forward to the rest of this stage of my life.” – Karen

“This time has not been good for me.  I have been very irritable and moody.  I’ve skipped my tabs under my tongue a few times and had periods and spotting, so I have been trying to make sure not to skip.”  – Kathy (WEB Master NOTE:  “tabs under my tongue” refer to sublingual progesterone which aids in mood stabilization. “According to gynecologist Duane E. Townsend and Rita Elkins in their book “The Maverick of Medicine Speaks to Women: A World-Renowned Gynecologist’s Solution for a Better World in Women’s Health Care,” mood swings during premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, may be caused by high levels of estrogen and low levels of progesterone. Additionally, chronic stress can cause an imbalance in progesterone levels, leading to feelings of depression or irritability. Fluctuations in these hormones may help explain the higher incidence of rapid-cycling bipolar disorder in women, although there aren’t many studies to fully confirm this hypothesis.”)
Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/482640-bipolar-progesterone/#ixzz2Mgx5BBaW

“I have milder headaches – I feel more feminine and our love life is GREAT [emphasis added]” – Faye

“It has been an amazing transformation.  Before I started treatment over 2 years ago I became a person that no one liked – not even me.  I had always been a loving, patient person, but had become an angry, tense, moody ogre.  Hormone therapy has completely changed me back. I am and will forever be grateful.” – Ruth

“Fast, efficient, friendly service” – B.Y.

“When I first heard about this treatment, I was very ill and had not had a proper diagnosis of this illness.  I was beginning menopause and over 4-6 months experienced chronically the following: 1) 36 pound weight gain, 2) periods every 13-15 days, 3) intense body pain, 4) panic attacks, 5) abdomen swelling and pain, 6) no energy, 7) migraines, 8) flu-like symptoms.  [I had] many doctor’s tests and unfortunately anxiety and anti-depressants for panic attacks and body pain, 9) 24 hour hot flashes, 10) no sleep – about 1 week out of a month.  After ONE [emphasis added] week of this treatment my symptoms began to subside.  It literally gave me back my life.  No doctors had checked my hormone levels.  And one other benefit I wasn’t even expecting is the difference in our intimacy life – WOW” – Merrigay

“I seem to be feeling positive and physically stronger.  Working out every day.  I don’t want to jinx anything but I feel like it is beginning to enhance all of my physical energies.  Side Effect – feel waves of sickness that come and go.”  – Paul

“Many men and women come to Bella Vita Medical Center for different reasons.  I had a complete hysterectomy at age 38.  Living without balanced hormones or lack thereof, was taking a toll on my mental, physical, and emotional health, not to mention the stress it was causing with my personal relationships. My husband heard about Bella Vita Medical Center on the radio and asked me to look into it.  What I love about Bella Vita is the fact that before every visit all of my hormone levels are checked via blood draw. The nurse will spend as much time with me explaining each level and the improvements we are making.  Before I came to Bella Vita my body hurt all over, all the time. The night sweats and hot flashes were constant. I was irritable and miserable. My son would ask me, “Mommy are you cranking?” The cycle of misery added anxiety which led to depression and I felt like I was spinning out of control.  I have been a client with Bella Vita Medical Center for one year and now……my beautiful life has been restored, renewed and rejuvenated.” – Jodi

“I had absolutely no energy and couldn’t understand my weight gain.  I started thinking that this is going to be the way I will always feel.  I heard of Bella Vita Medical Center and decided to try it.  I feel 25 years younger.  I have the energy to do the things I need and want to do.  Even my husband is on the program.  It has been life changing for us both” – R. K. M.

“Better muscle tone, greater stamina, better sexual performance, better mood, greater sense of well-being.  I look and feel younger!” – Joe

“It has been the best thing [to] happen in my life.  I have tried the pills and cream and patches and they did not work the way the implants do.  I feel better and I will recommend to anyone.” – Patti

“I feel a lot more relaxed.  It feels less fuzzy in [my] brain.  I know that sounds real medical but I don’t know how else to communicate the clarity in my thoughts.  My sex life is great.  I feel skinnier, too.  I think the vitamins and injections [implants] work together to make my body chemistry even out so I need less fuel and burn more calories.” – Kimberly

 “Before I came to this center [Bella Vita], I was a walking lifeless zombie.  I felt absolutely horrible all the time and began having a tough time verbalizing my thoughts because of brain fog.  It was most disturbing.  Existing daily on very little sleep and multiple hot flashers, I was not in a good mood and had lost all patience with people.  Since undergoing therapy, all of those symptoms have disappeared.  I am grateful for this center and recommend it highly to anyone having the same problems.” – Sherrie