What makes Bella Vita different from other hormone replacement therapies?  There are two major reasons why you should consider Bella Vita Medical.  First, our staff has years of experience in the field of hormone replacement.  That experience has led to the development of a process that gradually restores hormones that have been lost over time – sometimes having been lost over decades.   Gradual restoration is the key to a long-term successful treatment plan that maximizes benefits and minimizes side effects.  Our approach avoids the heightened peaks and precipitous drops of other approaches that tend to raise levels quickly and then allow them to trough (drop off) before providing the next implant creating an uncomfortable. “roller-coaster” effect.


Instead our therapy understands that the “restorative year” (your first year of therapy) requires a different methodology than subsequent years and avoids the rapid rise and fall of other approaches.  In fact, our model is based on the “small frequent feedings” analogy of providing more frequent implants of lower doses over time to give your body the time it needs to recognize and adjust to your new levels, thereby minimizing unwanted side effects.  As that rise begins to trough your symptoms and blood levels are evaluated by your medical provider prior to you next implant and adjustments are made until we can attain and sustain the therapeutic level based on your individual needs.



This process provides maximum symptom relief with minimal side effects over longer periods.


The second way that Bella Vita differs from others is the source of the compounded natural hormone pellets used in our therapy.

Compounded bio-identical hormone pellets are generally derived from the same substances.  That is to say that hormone pellets are comprised of NDC listed substances.  In our therapy, we use pellets of 17-beta estradiol and testosterone.  The NDC designation (National Drug Code) is a designation of listed substances approved for human use and a list maintained by the FDA.  These substances are then compounded into “bio identical” pellets of estradiol and testosterone.  For more information on the pellet process, please read the narrative “What are our pellets made of”, found in the research library.

The compounding method for the pellets used in our therapy is the real difference between Bella Vita and others.   The differences lie in the process.

*The pharmacies we use are fully accredited by PCAB, IACP or are members of the PCCA.  These accreditation are not easy to come by.  To learn more about PCAB Accreditation please visit www.pcab.org, for IACP please visit www.iapcrx.org or for PCCA please visit www.pccarx.org.  In addition, all fully meet requirements of USP/NF 797 and 795.

* Our pharmacy uses ISO 5 Class 100 Clean Rooms to compound.

This is unlike other compounding pharmacies that use simple partial Plexiglas barriers that do not create an enclosed sterile area.  Finally, the pellets we use are subjected to the highest degree of quality control before being released for human use.  Each compound is sent to independent labs for confirmation of potency and sterility before being shipped.  This provides independent assurance that each pellet used is of the highest quality and consistent potency.

Bella Vita Medical is different than other providers of hormone replacement therapy.  The two primary reasons noted in this article, combined with customized individual care, are important reasons why you should consider Bella Vita Medical for your hormone replacement needs.